Helping professionals, leaders and businesses unlock their potential and navigate in the direction of their ambitions.

About us

Navigate life beyond its horizon, discover opportunities and realise your personal and professional aspirations.

Sea2Sky stands for transforming people’s and organisation’s potential into sustainable growth and winning performance.

By partnering up with you we will act as a stimulant for creation and change, helping to develop the human potential inside you, your team and your organisation to reach your goal.

We deliver sustainable change aligned with your purpose, vision and values. We help you to navigate to land your ambitions.

We support you and your team through:

  • Professional and personal leadership and transformation coaching.
  • Facilitation of competency development and customised training.
  • Consulting on commercial, operational and supply chain processes and optimisation.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
– Carl Jung
Our approach

In all our programs, be it for individuals, teams or organisations we strive to:


Our goal is to make a contribution by helping individuals, leaders and businesses unlock their potential and navigate in the direction of their ambitions.

In the 32 years of my professional life curiosity has always been my driver. Many different roles in several countries all over the world gave me great insight how individuals and organisations work.

What I learned through this journey is that human potential is often blocked by internal and external value systems and barriers that prevent people and organisations to develop, grow and reach out for opportunities in direction of their goals and ambitions.

Let me partner up with you to mind, bridge and close the gap to your ambition.


I am a professional coach graduated from iPEC Amsterdam (ICF accredited) and certified ELI Energy Leadership assessment practitioner.

Frank Dam, Sea2Sky Owner and founder

During 32 years of experience in FMCG manufacturing & distribution, food retail and logistics services industries, I led both P&L and operations & international business development in Europe, Asia and North America. I have been exposed to a broad variety of leadership challenges: not only classical business and organisationally related, but also the complexity of leading multi-functional as well as multi-cultural remote teams.

Having spent the last 12 years involved in coaching, training and leadership development my focus is to transform people and organisations’ potential into sustainable growth and winning performance.

I have a Master of Food Management from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, a European Master Logistician degree from the ELA and a Bachelor degree in logistics and economics from the University of applied sciences in Rotterdam. In addition I completed several leadership and development programs at IMD Lausanne, IESE Barcelona and University of Sankt Gallen.

Spending time in nature, hiking with my wife and dog energizes me and fuels my admiration for ecosystems and their balance. Sailing connects me to nature’s elements and supports my belief that the only constant is change and therefore we have to adjust and adapt to get to our desired destination.

Let me partner up with you to mind, bridge and close the gap to your ambition.


What our clients say

  • Adriaan Meurs
    I have done a 10 weeks coaching process with Frank. He has supported me in identifying my personal motives and boundaries. His clear approach and sharp observations have helped me to shortly achieve my self-proclaimed goals and, more importantly, the tools to continue independently on the chosen path.
    Adriaan Meurs
    Project manager
  • Amor Muto
    Frank creates a pleasant environment of peace and clarity. During my 12 week’s journey with him as a coach, I have seen my efficiency increase and have dared to deepen my personal relationships. His patience and decisiveness allowed me to quickly get to the heart of my challenges. The empowering questions and encouragement he then manages to formulate deliver an energized conclusion of each session.
    Amor Muto
    Coach, speaker and trainer